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Dec 7, 2020
Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Set To Square Off In Historic Pay-Per-View Event On Februrary 20, 2021

Downloadable Logo Assets

General Rules for All Logo Assets

These are the general guidelines that apply to all Fanmio logo assets listed on this page. Use only the supplied logos shown above and do not make alterations.

Main Logo

Please use the main most of the time. Keep the logo outline white or navy depending on the background used.

  • Hollow Logo

    Use the hollow logo in one-color production applications.

  • Mark

    The Fanmio F mark is to be used when space is limited or when a simple brand icon is needed as a graphic element.

Correct Uses

Do utilize the logo outline in a single color. It should appear in navy or white only.
Do always have a good amount of clearance around the logos.
Do present the logos with crisp, sharp lines.

Incorrect Uses

Do not alter, add, distort, cut off, redraw, or change into an outline.
Do not rearrange the logo.
Do not rotate the logo.
Do not stretch the logo vertically or horizontally.
Do not add embellishments, such as drop shadows, gradients, textures, or images.
Do not fill the knockout.
Do not manually type the logo.
Do not use the logo on a busy background.

Brand Colors

Please refer to the color guides below to properly reproduce our vibrant Fanmio colors.

RGB 31, 27, 51
Web #1f1b33
CMYK 86, 84, 49, 61
PMS 276 C
RGB 98, 66, 166
Web #6242a6
CMYK 74, 86, 0, 0
PMS 266 C
Light Purple
RGB 166, 65, 214
Web #a641d6
CMYK 51, 80, 0, 0
PMS 2582 C
Bright Purple
RGB 226, 59, 195
Web #e23bc3
CMYK 21, 83, 0, 0
PMS 239 C
RGB 255, 73, 128
Web #ff4980
CMYK 0, 86, 23, 0
PMS 1915 C
RGB 255, 106, 90
Web #ff6a5a
CMYK 0, 73, 62, 0
PMS 7416 C
RGB 255, 193, 96
Web #ffc160
CMYK 0, 27, 72, 0
PMS 1355 C
RGB 102, 108, 132
Web #666c84
CMYK 65, 54, 33, 9
PMS 431 C